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Casey Jones Fraser
From one of the most respected writers and experts in the indoor gardening industry.

"The Green Pad Jr. cured 40 wilted basil cuttings overnight! I'm sold!

The Green Pad is the real deal. Digital meters show high levels of CO2.

Bottom line: it works!"

Casey Jones Fraser 
Garden Grove Organics  KY

Third Coast Garden Supply

Growin Crazy

Success Hydroponics

Interior Gardens


As a store owner customers always ask me about CO2 and the benefits of using it but several are discouraged to trying it because of the initial cost of buying a traditional tank and regulator or burner.  The Green Pad is a great tool to have that helps introduce the customer to CO2 that is inexpensive and best of all they WORK!  I have sold more CO2 generation systems of all types because of the Green Pad.  Thanks a lot guys keep on rocking. 
Tyler LB Hydro

"GREEN PADS are truly an innovation and the best alternative solution for adding CO2 to your garden. Unlike mushroom bags, GREEN PADS produce consistent CO2 levels and CO2 production does not vary from pad to pad like the mushroom based CO2 products. One pack of pads produces the same amount as the last pack you bought, plus they don’t expire! GREEN PADS are perfect even for experienced growers who don’t want the hassle of tanks and regulators, the dangers and heat of NG/LP CO2 generators, or those who just can’t afford the upfront cost of CO2 equipment. For those with disabilities THE GREEN PAD is a godsend. No equipment to setup and no more lugging heavy tanks back and forth! As a disabled veteran and experienced grower I use nothing but the GREEN PADS to add CO2 to my indoor gardens!

GREEN PAD JRs are the only product specifically designed for adding CO2 to your clones and seedlings. While anyone can easily use THE GREEN PAD JRs and see great results, THE GREEN PAD JRs are a must have product for commercial growers. THE GREEN PAD JR will shave off days off rooting, leading to faster crop production. THE GREEN PAD JR pays for itself! Bottom line – THE GREEN PAD and GREEN PAD JR are the best ways to add CO2 for plants in all phases of growth."

Charles Davis, Owner
Rogue Hydroponics

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Posted to Heavy T's Grow Show:
GREEN PADS saved the day!!!! I went to get my CO2 tank filled at my local Hydro Store and they had just sold the last full tank.So i grabbed the big pack of GREEN PADS and my plants didn't miss a beat! Thanks to THE GREEN PADS.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great CO2 product without any hassle, February 20, 2012
By Cdav

This review is from: THE GREEN PAD CO2 Generator, 5 Pack

GREEN PADS are one of the best ways to add CO2 into my garden. I don't have to worry about buying an expensive setup with lots of equipment and I don't have to deal with mushroom bags that expire. The only maintenance you have to do is spray them with a little bit of water to keep them going (moisture activated) and just change them out every week.

5.0 out of 5 stars Way less gross than those CO2 bags, February 4, 2012
By DirtNaps

Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: THE GREEN PAD CO2 Generator, 5 Pack

I bought these after seeing them in a hydro magazine. They're like swiffer sheets that release CO2. I put one in my 4x2x5 space and several experienced outdoor 'gardeners' asked me what I was doing to promote the growth I was getting, so they must've been working. I definitely saw it tail off after about a week and a half, even less time if you're always spraying it, so just let it hang out if you've got a solid humidity level. I'm writing this as I buy another pack of these, because I don't have the $200 for the initial investment of a CO2 system. So you'll need at least two packs for a 10-15 week cycle in a small space like mine.

I want to thank for for providing a much cheaper and safer way for growers to utilize CO2.  A couple weeks ago, my CO2 regulator broke and I found myself in a situation where I couldn't afford to replace or fix it.  A friend of mine purchased these pads about a month ago and has been swearing by them.  After hearing him praise them for how fast he noticed a difference in growth  and in health I figured it was a good alternative for me until I can afford to replace my regualtor.  In the past week of using the pads and being someone who has used CO2 for years, I would highly recommend them to anyone.  The  results are amazingly close to the effectiveness of other CO2 programs.  So far I have  used them in a 12x6x8 room.  I am using 3 pads at a time in the room and am sure I could use another one. The coverage is great,  be sure to properly seal your room and manage your exhaust just like when you use any other CO2 enrichment.  What I am curious to try out now is the new jr. pads for domes and clones.  Judging by the pictures, I can't wait to try them.  Just waiting until I can find them at my local shop.

Thank you again for providing growers with a much more affordable and effective way of introducing CO2 into their gardens!!  They will now be part of my system that I know I can count on.

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"Thanks, already arrived yesterday. really have noticed a difference since using these. other than in a huge greenhouse i don't see why anyone would use anything else"
. Phillip

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I purchased THE GREEN PADS with slight disbelief. How do these work? Will they help my plants? Why should i buys these pads? Well, after talking to a guy at one of my favorite shops about CO2, I thought I should give them a try. He was telling me that CO2 is like steroids for your plants. He was not lying. I bought the pads and the mini pads to go into my cloning domes. When I got home, I followed the easy step directions. Lightly misted the pads and hung them in my room above my plants. Turned off my exhaust fan and left for about an hour. Came back and I swear they looked a little larger than when I left. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I repeated the process a few more times during the day and once more before I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I was amazed to what I saw., they plants had without a doubt increased in size. Less than 24 hours went by and I could see a significant amount in growth! These pads are amazing!!!  I would recommend these to anybody. THE GREEN PADS truly work and you will see results immediately.

Hi, met this guy at a **** and he told me about the pads.  Since I started my seedlings all came up within 3 days they were an inch!  It was amazing!  Never seen anything like it.  I added it to the flowering room and the FLOWERS increased in girth like more than twice in size in a week.  OMG!  What ever it is I am sure it is safe and will buy more for every crop.  Please enter met to win free product.  Can you send me any samples of your mini pads.  Also is it ok to cut your larger pads for smaller rooms?

Phatbabies=SANTEE, CA

" I got a pack at the LA expo, I'm new to the indoors and had no idea what kind of difference they would make. I have a 2x4x6 room and had great success in the past, i figured, does it really need it, will it be too much, but the price is right, if it doesn't work, no big loss - within two days, the leaves got huge, the buds are fuller and tighter, and the pads are the only difference I made and it was amazing. Now the pads are a must for every crop. Thanks GREEN PAD!

My only problem - sometimes the excess water would drip off pad onto leaves burning them, I put another plastic bag under the pad to catch the excess-perfect"

The pads are working fantastic.  I even use them on my cuttings.  It reduces the rooting time by 3-4 days.

I use a BC Northern Lights Bloom Box.  I purchased a pack at the  Expo and within a couple days, there was a notable difference in growth.  The plants are definately much fuller and growing taller.  Fantastic.
Kris H

Got em at the show.  My "babies" were looking kinda droopy and since I started using the pads they have really, I mean really perked up. I'm gonna keep using them til the harvest is ready and I'll keep you posted along the way.  I can't believe the results that this product has given.  Don't go up on the price, PULEEZE! ;-)