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News, Reviews, & Frequently Asked Questions

THE GREEN PADS have been reviewed, tested and proven effective in dozens of independent tests and also featured in the last 3 editions of "The Grow Book and Equipment Guide".
 and now the Mini Grow Book Series.

THE GREEN PADS have been product spotlighted in Maximum Yield, I News and Grozine magazines as well as other popular grow books and magazines.



How much humidity does it take to activate the GREEN PADS?

It takes about 35+ % Humidity to activate and produce a measured release of CO2
Higher humidity or frequent light water misting increases activation.
Use a damp sponge in a folded Green Pad for drier climates.


How many GREEN PADS do I need for my room?

THE GREEN PAD works best in small to mid size gardens
Use at least 1-2 pads per 200-400 cubic feet of space
Add more GREEN PADS to increase CO2 Levels for larger rooms or use 
THE GRAND DADDY PAD in gardens with 800+ cubic feet for each GDP

What level CO2 PPM can I expect using the GREEN PADS?

Our tests  in a room 10' x 10' x 10'  (1000 cubic feet) with 3 Green Pads at 60% humidity and minimal air exchange produced 1000+ ppm

The amount of fresh air exchange plays a major role in the containment of the CO2 and the levels maintained in the room.

To maximize performance LIGHTLY misting the pads before closing the room will increase concentrations. DO NOT SATURATE OR ALLOW TO DRIP

Can I cut the Green Pads to use instead the Jr.s?
NO! Very Important. 
Do not cut the Green Pads, You will compromise them.

What about the GREEN PAD JR? Do cuttings need CO2?

Often overlooked and under appreciated, adding CO2 to your propagation dome promotes faster rooting and healthier starting plants  Inexpensive and extremely easy The GP JR's have become an insider's trick to increase strike rates and move healthy rooted cuttings to veg faster .

How long will the GREEN PADS last in the package?

Use only the GREEN PADS you need at a time. Keep unused pads dry and resealed in the original bag, and they will be effective for over one year or more.

Why haven't I heard of the GREEN PADS before?
No longer a new product we are now recognized as an industry leader.
We have grown steadily in the last 8 years, we are in thousands of grow stores in the US and around the world. 
Our technology has now been proven superior to other passive CO 2 systems  in multiple tests in gardens worldwide.