Heavy T's Grow Show

Attention Indoor Gardening Enthusiast:

The Only Gardening Podcast that gives away thousands of dollars a week of FREE gear from the top names in the industry. www.DFZRadio.com

Every Wednesday Live from Long Beach CA
6:00 - 10:00 pm  PST
Grow knowledge from industry experts and comic relief from the dreaded "Dr. Duffman"
Some people call their show "The Howard Stern 'How to Grow show" - Funny and irreverent.
Callers with grow questions from all over the country have been flooding the phone lines every Wednesday trying to get some of the best indoor gardening supplies and newest innovations out there for FREE.
Hydro store owners benefit by having all the prizes sent to your store so you then can add the needed parts for a successful garden and a happy return customer.

Manufacturers like us at THE GREEN PAD CO2 Generators get the opportunity for end user feedback and to expand our markets and expose our technology and our brand to the wider audience.

End users, these folks make out big time with major prize hookups as well a chance to try new products not yet in their local stores.

Even the folks that don't call in make out with all of the grow knowledge to insure their gardens don't turn out like Dr. Duffmans.


"I have known about Green Pads and their benefits well before Marko and  Cassie came on the Heavy T Grow Show but since then I have had the benefit of talking to several listeners and store owners that absolutely love the Green Pads and now the Green Pad Jr's.  If you don't use CO2
and want to use CEA (Controlled Environment Ag) in your garden then try The Green Pads they will not disappoint.  Also if you are using CO2 you can use the Green Pads as a fail safe for when your tank goes empty and you can't get it filled right away, the green pads will keep your CO2
levels up, also if you are using them that means your tanks and/or co2 burners won't come on as often saving you $$$and time filling tanks while giving you peace of mind."
Heavy T Host of The Heavy T Grow Show
DFZ Radio Network 

Check out what happens backstage at the show..shocking!!

Watch the latest show below with a live in studio demo of the Green Pad, Jr.
with a CO 2 PPM meter and real time testing. You have to see this!

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Listen to the Heavy T's Grow Show to win Free Grow Gear and Free GREEN PADs!!

THE GREEN PAD crew make regular guest appearances on the show...check the web site for the schedule.

If you are using THE GREEN PADs in your garden, or your store is selling them, call in & tell the screener that you want to talk GREEN PADs, and I am sure they will get you on the air... and you could win a prize!

Heavy T's Grow Show
is also available on uStream with a live video feed also on iTunes and Tunein Radio on your smart phone.

Listen to THE GREEN PAD Team on the Heavy T's Grow Show

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