"One of the best new products of 2010" Tyler, Long Beach, Hydro The Heavy T's Grow Show... "Great repeat business." Scott, Innovative Growing Solutions, San Diego, CA... "Our customers love THE GREEN PADs" Travis, Miramar Hydro, San Diego, CA... "Our customers are always amazed by the results of THE GREEN PAD JRs for seed starting and cloning. The ability to add CO 2 to your cuttings will greatly reduce stress associated with finicky and stubborn clones." Darrin, Midwest Garden Supplies... "Double your nutrients and kill your crop but double (or more) the CO 2 levels with a few GREEN PADS and increase your crop by 15-20%" The Grow Book and Equipment Guide

Buy The Green Pad CO2 Generators


 2 pack with 1 hanger in reclosable bag
$34.95 + 15.95 shipping and handling
US shipment only

THE GREEN PAD CO2 Generators

5 pack with 2 hangers in reclosable bag
$29.95 + 14.95 shipping and handling 
US shipment only


CO2 for Propagation
10 pack in reclosable bag
$14.95 + 13.95 shipping and handling 
US shipment only

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